Endura Gold™ Brand Promise

Endura Gold™ features beautiful, classic 14K gold styling and a product that will last a lifetime.

For the Gold Connoisseur who has fallen in love with its natural warmth and radiance, values its versatility, and recognizes it as the perfect gift. Endura Gold™ is for the individual that desires elegant, timeless styling and the highest quality gold available, created with premium materials and using the highest standards.

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Why Endura Gold™ Jewelry?

In contrast to the majority of 14K gold jewelry, Endura Gold™ is made with a patented alloy that affords the product a brighter shine and more enhanced color, lasting durability, resisting scratching and dents, and is hypoallergenic gold jewelry.

Endura Gold™ Brand Promise

Endura Gold™ Brand and Product reinforces, that:

  • 1. Endura Gold is nickel free
  • 2. Endura Gold shines brighter than traditional 14K gold
  • 3. Endura Gold is hypoallergenic
  • 4. Endura Gold is more durable than traditional 14K gold jewelry
  • 5. Endura Gold will retain its enhanced color and shine for generations
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Endura Gold™ from Helzberg is the Gold Jewelry I trust.